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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pre-adventure. Diablo III. Operation Victoria.

      Hey guys I decided to do a short post today, before some plans of adventuring commence. Today me and at least a few people are to going explore up valentine mountain. It's not that intense of a hike, but it is generally not far away from town, and there is still awesome scenery. The plan is generally the same as our scout mountain hike I mentioned last post, which basically consists of going with the flow. Hopefully sometimes this week I'll post on how the hike was, reason being, knowing us some crazy stories might need to be told. Now onto other things, sometimes during this month Diablo III comes out. To be honest, I'm quite excited to start playing that game. Perhaps it's because I continuously played Diablo II a few years back, or even just because there is quite a lot of hype around it. Either way though, I'm planning on checking it out. No clue if I'm going to get it right on release date, but most likely I will during sometimes this month. Maybe I'll even do a Commentary on it? (My bad on the lack of game commentaries). Speaking of things I need to do, sometimes during this week, me and a few pals of mine are getting together to plan out "Operation move down to Victoria", or something like that. The Basic outline we have so far is that we are most likely getting two separate places between the 6/7 of us. One of my pals/old writer on this blog(Tom Rob), is going to actually contact his grandfather, that I believe manages an apartment complex down in Victoria. So if we could snag a couple of two bedroom apartments for a decent price, that would be wicked. This way we would get the best of both worlds, there would be privacy by dividing the group into two, but at the same time we would still all be within a 30-second stroll. Another thing I believe we all decided on, was to not get cable, which lowers our expenses a tad bit. Other than that though, we've all been just talking about how psyched we are to move. Though at the same time, I'm just as equally psyched for all them epic or even calming moments during the summer. Also I think this post is going to end here before it drags on, and because I probably should do some more work in class (lol). However as usual guys, have a great day, and I'll hopefully post about the hike. This hipstr is outa here.

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Dubious Return.

Hey guys it's that time of the year when i decide to do another post, as usual sorry for my lack of posts. Anyways though, you may be wondering what I've been up to these past few months. Hmmm how to summarize it.. generally it's been comprised of many good times. One of these "good times" included me doing some local mountain climbing/hiking with some good friends (some who just returned from university). It was quite an amazing hike to be honest. Also most commonly at least, I know a larger percent of people tend to take trails up, starting and ending from top to bottom. However knowing us ruffians, we began our hike by taking a "shortcut" through some bushes and proceed to scale the side of the mountain. A more traditional friend of mine who was suppose to go, stated that we should've took the trail due to it being the safer option. He did present a valid point, however for me at least, the fun of hiking is the adventure. If adventuring includes a bit of a risk to it, I say that makes it more exciting (no worries i won't be attempting to jump any crevasses on my bike). Anyways hiking was full of good times getting lost, making a fire(a controlled one), and enjoying the beautiful scenery. For anyone that reads this blog, I recommend especially if you haven't gone on a hike for a long time, to do exactly that. Hmmm now onto other things.. well I finished both of the psychology courses I took (which were really interesting), and now i'm finishing the computer applications course I took (Posting this currently in that class). Also I not sure if I posted on my blog that I'm hopefully moving to Victoria in August, but if I didn't that is that plan. Hopefully I'll be moving down with six or seven of my good pals, in most likely two different townhouses/apartments. I'm actually really hoping the plan goes through as well, because it would be wicked to live with these really good friends of mine. When I told this plan to a another person i know, she said that we would get tired of each-other. If these plan involved people who I don't know as well (Even then only maybe), this may be true, but I believe it will be alright since we all hang out every other day anyways. This also reminds me of a conversation I had with a pal of mine(KPK). This conversation was about why we pay rent, he stated that payments should only be made till the cost of the building is paid for, and for the future utilities as well. From the building owner's point of view i can see him/her saying, "that would be possible in a perfect world, but this is not a perfect world." Which is in a sense valid, because even him/herself pays the "man" up top (that man being the government). But then even that is fair to a degree, because the money the government gets from the building owner is used for public services, such hospitals and etc. However such as the hypothetical building owner mentioned, this is not a perfect world, and a lot of the time the money gets squander on things we don't need. The one thing about this topic that bothers me quite a bit is how the general prices of rent, utilities and such have sky rocketed from what they used to be (and really everything has). I understand basic economics to understand some reasons may be to the running low of certain resources, which cause prices to rise. A big example of this is fossil fuels, and are we living out of our means?. With all that I can just rant on and on, but perhaps I'll save that for another time. Back to living expenses though, for stuff like electricity I don't see how prices go up, especially in Canada since we have a declining population, which means less people using electricity right? Anyways before i rant on too long, and so that i finish this post before my class ends, i shall end it here. Hopefully I'll post more of my shenanigans on here, and rant some more about everything. Anyways have a good day everyone, and this Hipstr is outa here!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The list of Bucket. PART III

Hey everyone, I am done procrastinating my posts for now at least! Anyways though, I've decided to do another post for my bucket list series of posts. Hopefully
I'll post some more stuff soon about my adventures/nerding out. However i hope you enjoy the post. So here are some more goals of mine..

-To get a decent photography camera
-To go for a biking camping trip on Vancouver Island(or somewhere else nearby)
-To finishing reading all the books that I have currently(only 3 more)
-To take a philosophy course in university
-To take a history course in university
-To see City and Colour live
-To replay Final Fantasy VII
-To play Diablo III when it comes out
-To go to a Monster Hunting Cafe
-To go hiking more
-To visit Turkey(the country)
-To write some more stick figure comics.
-To improve my drawing
-To think of more bucket list goals

Friday, February 24, 2012

Story time with keith....Brian the lion pt.3 The past wavers

This point of the story we travel back in time four years in the past to the winter of death....

Brian comes from a small town called Powell River, which is located in the dead center in the land of rock, hipsters and gumdrops. Early on a Saturday morning, Brian is awakened by a ruckus outside his window. As he pull's back his coffee curtains, Brian see's his trustworthy newfie friend "tom the fisherman". Brian opens up the window and says "sup tom", "nothing much G" replied tom and then asks "hey wanna chill out?" Brian then replied "yeeeeeeeaaaah!!! dawg!!!". as Brian gets ready, and leaves the newfie in the cold(cause Brian's a douche). A new enemy has awakened, nobody knew but the fish people and pizza people formed an alliance. As Brian and tom carried on there journey, as they got closer to the town the boys saw a terrible sight. The town was being attacked. Shocked in awe they gained enough courage to rush to the defense on the town.

where will they're journey go from here? will they survive? who knows I'm just the narrator. stay tuned.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Story time with keith....Brian the lion pt.2 beginings an epic tale

As Brian ex- lion walked through the dark forest he heard rustling in the bushes behind him, as he turned around a gigantic chimaera came crashing out. none the less Brian did not flinch, only smirked at the chimaera. The chimaera took the smirk as a challenge and leaped towards the ex-lion. But Brian dodged, as the chimaera skidded forward Brian dropped his bag and whipped out his guitar. The chimaera went for a second leap towards Brian. While the chimaera was in mid leap, the ex-lion let out a mighty roar and strummed his guitar. As he did this, the chimaera burst into ashes. An interesting thing happens after the battle settles, The soul of the chimaera was absorbed into the ex-lions guitar. You see Brian's guitar has the magical ability to steal creatures souls and feed Brian's rocking abilities. To this day it has collected over 9000 souls.

What will happen next? stay tuned folks.....   

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Story time with keith....Brian the lion pt.1 intro an epic tale

There once was a man called brian. Who one day said "fuck this shiiiiit" and went and joined the lions. After being a lion for so many years Brian said "screw this" and left and became an ex-lion. so Brian went to go back home to land of rock, hipsters and gumdrops( for some odd reason the people of this land love candy.........). Brian had only had a few things from the lion kingdom, a few rations of food and a half full water-skin. Along with a guitar and a single pair of hipster sunglasses. The path he has taken from the lion kingdom leads him into the dark and enchanted forest of tehlarville.

let us follow him on his journey...............