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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pre-adventure. Diablo III. Operation Victoria.

      Hey guys I decided to do a short post today, before some plans of adventuring commence. Today me and at least a few people are to going explore up valentine mountain. It's not that intense of a hike, but it is generally not far away from town, and there is still awesome scenery. The plan is generally the same as our scout mountain hike I mentioned last post, which basically consists of going with the flow. Hopefully sometimes this week I'll post on how the hike was, reason being, knowing us some crazy stories might need to be told. Now onto other things, sometimes during this month Diablo III comes out. To be honest, I'm quite excited to start playing that game. Perhaps it's because I continuously played Diablo II a few years back, or even just because there is quite a lot of hype around it. Either way though, I'm planning on checking it out. No clue if I'm going to get it right on release date, but most likely I will during sometimes this month. Maybe I'll even do a Commentary on it? (My bad on the lack of game commentaries). Speaking of things I need to do, sometimes during this week, me and a few pals of mine are getting together to plan out "Operation move down to Victoria", or something like that. The Basic outline we have so far is that we are most likely getting two separate places between the 6/7 of us. One of my pals/old writer on this blog(Tom Rob), is going to actually contact his grandfather, that I believe manages an apartment complex down in Victoria. So if we could snag a couple of two bedroom apartments for a decent price, that would be wicked. This way we would get the best of both worlds, there would be privacy by dividing the group into two, but at the same time we would still all be within a 30-second stroll. Another thing I believe we all decided on, was to not get cable, which lowers our expenses a tad bit. Other than that though, we've all been just talking about how psyched we are to move. Though at the same time, I'm just as equally psyched for all them epic or even calming moments during the summer. Also I think this post is going to end here before it drags on, and because I probably should do some more work in class (lol). However as usual guys, have a great day, and I'll hopefully post about the hike. This hipstr is outa here.

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